Why Are Death Cafes Becoming Fully Booked?

Why Are Death Cafes Becoming Fully Booked?

Best way to prepare for death
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Impact of Coronavirus

It looks so strange that death is a subject many people find so uncomfortable to discuss, even though many believe that eventually we will all die. With the outbreak of coronavirus and the rising death toll, many are coming to terms with the reality that death is not so far away.

Death cafes provide opportunities for people to talk about death in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee and/or other drinks. Those attending death cafes find a bit of relief talking about death, how to prepare for it and the process of dying. With the lockdown due to the coronavirus, death cafes have experienced a surge in the number of those seeking such services. More people are beginning to realize the imminence of death and the need to plan for it while they still have the time . Are death cafes really the place to allay the fears of death and to prepare for it?

How to Best Prepare for Death

Death cafes may actually provide the psychological support to bear the reality of one’s death or that of a loved one; but death cafes do not and cannot answer the question about what happens when we eventually die. As we come to terms with the reality of death, it is even more important to come to terms with the reality of life after we die.

Death is not the end of life; rather it is the beginning of another life – for which preparations are far from being made in a death café. It is Important to realize the grim realities awaiting those who fail to prepare for life after death. Anyone who dies without preparation, thinking that death puts a full stop to life, will regret eternally.

The voice of grace is now sounding  clearly, saying repent of your sins and believe in Jesus Christ. If you spurn this invitation until death comes, the same voice will sound woe and damnation throughout eternity. While death cafes may allow you to freely talk about death and prepare for it, they cannot help you to prepare for the reality of life after you eventually die. Act now before the night of death overtakes you!


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